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US Electrification
Abbreviated Switchgear & Components
Industrial Solutions
Abbreviated Switchgear & Components

Abbreviated Switchgear

Advance MV metal-clad switchgear
Fixed parts for fitting circuit breakers/contactors and pre-assembled modules for constructing medium voltage switchgear up to 40.5 kV, 2500 A, 25 kA.

OEM Switchgear Components

OEM switchgear components
MV switchgear components for OEM panel builders, up to 15 kV, 3000 A, 63 kA, and 27 kV, 2000 A, 25 kA

Power Cube

PowerCube IEC indoor cassettes and frames
Medium voltage preassembled units to be used as components for primary distribution air-insulated switchgear, from simple L-Frame to modules with complete apparatus and cable...

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